Month: August 2019

Mono loan easier than the bank: Few conditions for a loan!

Bon loan easier than the bank: Few conditions for a loan!

Credit-Mono has radically simplified the online loan request. It takes less than five minutes to complete the complete request online. After submitting your loan application, you can sit back and let the credit counselor Credit-Mono do the work. The credit experts of Credit-Mono are looking for optimal financing for up to 20 different banks in Germany and abroad.

To get a loan, you only need to fulfill three requirements:

  1. You must be of legal age.
  2. You are a resident and have an account in Germany.
  3. Their income is sufficient for servicing the installments and is ideally over 1,000 USD per month.

In fact, unlike the bank, payday loans are easier ! Credit Bureau conditions are not available at Credit-Mono!

Mono credit easier and cheaper than the bank!

Unlike any house bank, Credit-Mono negotiates any loan request with up to 20 domestic and foreign banks to present the best loan offer to the client. Otherwise, if the customer asks a bank for a loan, they will only receive the offer from that bank!

In order to benefit from the same advantage with Credit-Mono, the loan seeker would have to audition at 20 banks! In addition, Mono credit is simpler and, unlike the bank, also provides debt-free loans. Nevertheless, for a loan without Credit Bureau request – so the loan without Credit Bureau secret – over 90% of all cases a normal loan is feasible!

Alternatively to the online loan request, you can also request the instant loan from Credit-Mono as an alternative to the bank via email.

Free eBook of Mono Loan:

Free eBook of Mono Loan:

Credit-Mono provides the eBook “10 Professional Tips for Easy Instant Loans” as a free download. It shows how to get an emergency loan even in difficult cases (eg negative Credit Bureau, credit cancellation from the house bank!).
You will receive the eBook without depositing your eMail address!

Everything else on the subject of credit cancellation – Credit Bureau problems – Credit Bureau loans – Loans without Credit Bureau information find loan seekers in our practice guide credit without Credit Bureau comparison.

Hardly any borrower knows about the following facts:

Hardly any borrower knows about the following facts:

  1. Credit without Credit Bureau secret, guaranteed no Deutsche Bank reveals!
  2. No detail: Do you know the difference between credit without Credit Bureau and credit despite Credit Bureau ? More details: Credit without Credit Bureau or credit despite Credit Bureau?
  3. Important for people with Credit Bureau problems: A credit without Credit Bureau should only ever be Plan B!
  4. With the credit without Credit Bureau formula can be systematically save up to 20% interest!
  5. In contrast to the bank Credit-Mono also very small loan amounts are already possible from 200 USD!

What to do if the bank refuses to pay off expensive loans!

What to do if the bank refuses to pay off expensive loans!

Many borrowers unnecessarily pay too high interest rates for their old loans! By replacing expensive loans, they could save hundreds of USD. Especially for loans without Credit Bureau a rescheduling is worthwhile. In addition to saving interest, a credit change (debt restructuring), ie replacement of expensive loans and replacement by cheaper loans, reduces the credit burden and thus the creditworthiness can be increased!

The solution is debt restructuring!

The solution is debt restructuring!

Anyone who wants to replace the expensive loans at his bank, will usually encounter there on granite and receive a rejection. The answer will be: A repayment of the loan is not possible, better conditions could – unfortunately, unfortunately – not offer. With reference to the ongoing multi-year loan agreement.

Important to know: Old loans can be terminated at any time without the consent of the bank and replaced by cheaper loans. This is called debt restructuring. The borrower must only comply with the notice period set out in the current loan agreement. Usually this is a few months.

If the termination takes effect, the borrower must pay the remaining balance in one sum to his bank – no problem, because he simply takes out a new and cheaper loan from another financial institution. As a result, the monthly installment fee drops immediately.

To his old bank, the borrower still has to pay a “compensation” for repaying the money ahead of time. But because the old interest rates were so high and the new ones are significantly lower, the rescheduling pays off for him anyway.

Our advice: save interest by replacing expensive loans!

Take a chance now and replace old loans! Instead of getting annoyed about over-interest on your old loan, consider checking for a loan. What does that mean? Quite simply: They get a new cheap loan to pay off the expensive old loan in one fell swoop. Further information on the topic “Replacing Old Loans” under: Rescheduling and Loan Change!

How do I find the best loan provider for debt restructuring?
For loans without Credit Bureau it is worth replacing old loans with new ones because of the current low interest rates! As a guide to finding a suitable rescheduling provider, the ranking of the best debt rescheduling offers!

99% of all credit seekers do not know…

  1. With the credit formula you save 30% interest! The credit formula is an innovation of our SME-Crediter team.
  2. Unlike the bank Credit-mono and small loan amounts are already possible from 200 $! As is well known, only loans in excess of several thousand USD are possible at the bank, since otherwise it will not pay off for the bank!
  3. The Swiss Cre Loan, there are now loans without Credit Bureau up to the amount of 7,500 USD (previously limited to 3,500 USD)!