A gang that scammed tourists with fake rentals on the Atlantic coast has come down

A 29-year-old woman and two men, 44 and 39, were arrested accused of defrauding several people in the town of La Plata in Buenos Aires, which they Through a social media page, they were offered fake rentals on the Atlantic coast. The leader of the group operated from prison.

The arrests were made by DDI La Plata staff in conjunction with DDI Mar del Plata staff, after carrying out several raids in the resort town. In addition, officers seized two cell phones and a laptop computer.

The criminals were arrested for the offense of “illicit association and repeated fraud”in the context of complaints filed in 2020 by several victims who, with the aim of renting accommodation on the Coast for the summer, made contact through the LP Private Rentals group on the Facebook social network.

The people concerned deposited sums of 1,500, 4,000 and up to 9,000 pesos in a bank account in order to reserve the rental, but when they arrived at the scene, they were surprised that the accommodations were non-existent, while they also lost contact with who offered the same.

After investigative work, the police collected testimonies and a telephone analysis was carried out, which established that the mobile phone used was inside the prison of Batan, in Mar del Plata, and whose owner was an inmate.

According to police sources, the subject received the phone during a visit and had the collaboration of other detainees, who turned out to be the owners of the bank account to which the victims made the transfers.

They also managed to establish that there was data on another person involved in the scam, also being another person who received money transfers of illicit origin.

After executing search warrants, the charged men were arrested, one of them already incarcerated for other offences, and a woman, while mobile phones and notebooks were seized with immediate intervention and knowledge of the departmental UFI 7.

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