Alert for an extratropical cyclone on the Atlantic coast

And cyclone extratropical stay alert Uruguay and caused a moss invasion which touched the coast of east end.

The streets are completely flooded and the foam reaches the height of the knees. NT He visited the city’s coastal promenade, where damage could also be seen.

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Also, because of the storm, a man died in the city of Montevideo after a tree fell on his house.

Extra tropical cyclone warning that could become subtropical

The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) has published a extratropical cyclone special alert. From what has been reported, Until Wednesday 18 there will be in Uruguay “very strong winds, intense rains, weak thermal sensations and strong waves” mainly in the east and south of the country.

As reported by Inumet, this cyclone can cause coastal flooding, falling trees, falling columns of power lines, the explosion of light roofs, strong waves and storm surges (ocean advancing on coastal cities), as well as damage to boats; Among others.

In addition, the institute warned that Uruguay is normally affected by extratropical cyclones (mainly between autumn and spring), but that this cyclone will have a transition to subtropical (with some tropical characteristics off Brazil).

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