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Search online “What is the UK’s worst seaside resort?” And the answer appears in a fraction of a second: Skegness.

The Lincolnshire seaside resort is the latest victim in an investigation by members of Which?

They are an interesting layer of society. In an airline poll, they only awarded Ryanair one star for ‘cabin environment’ while Jet2 got four stars – even though both airlines use identical planes with exactly the same. number of seats.

Who? members clearly crave beach resorts popular with the masses. When asked to “rate the beach, attractions, waterfront and scenery in over 100 UK seaside towns and villages,” they also said Great Yarmouth, Clacton-on-Sea, Bognor Regis, Mablethorpe (twin station of Skegness) and Blackpool.

All of the resorts in the last six locations in the survey have seen better days, but this summer they will provide great vacations and excursions to millions of people.

I am concerned, however, that the Lincolnshire coast may be quieter than it should be due to the Which? survey. You don’t go to Skegness on your way to anywhere else – except perhaps poor and slandered Mablethorpe.

Who? does a terrific job of providing the traveler with consumer information and lobbying the government on their behalf, but I suggest he reconsider the terms of his annual seaside survey.

As proof, I will cite a few examples from the Sussex coast. One of them isn’t even on the coast at all: Rye is now high and dry, two miles inland from the English Channel. The old Cinque Port is a charming town, but anyone hoping to swim will be sadly disappointed.

Brighton, further west, has the merit of being really on the sea. Here, I agree with which? members that the beach is lousy.

But I’m not sure we can trust their judgment on food and shopping. The collective belief is that Britain’s most beautifully indulgent seaside resort has worse food and drink than Southwold, St Andrew’s and Tynemouth, and that its retail offering is lower than that of Little Lymington in Hampshire. .

A spokesperson for Brighton and Hove Council told me: ‘The survey has very strange rankings because we get four out of five for’ peace and quiet ‘despite being known to be a bustling city around the clock.

“Plus, we’re only two out of five for ‘shopping’ when we have our famous North Laine and Lanes, dozens of designer boutiques and independent stores as well as all the usual Main Street favorites.

“Ultimately people will make up their own minds, but we love our visitors and are very happy that 11 million people choose to come to Brighton and Hove each year.”

Here is a quick survey from me:? will members really be allowed to participate in future travel polls (and even general elections)?

British seaside resorts are fragile. They need love, investment, and visitors – not to be hit while on land.

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