Charlotte in the running for the Atlantic Coast Conference

CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – The Queen City is a leading contender for the Atlantic Coast Conference.

For 70 years, the ACC has called Greensboro home, but the potential for a move has become more likely.

“What do you think was the main motivation behind that? asked Queen City News chief business correspondent Taylor Young.

“I think they were tired, the people who came in were tired of going to Greensboro, it sounds silly but when you’re doing business and bringing in people, high profile people, that kind matters,” long-Time Sports and Charlotte Business Journal editor Erik Spanberg said. “Certainly you want to be on the inside, as they always say, of their footprint. You want to be near some of our schools and Charlotte and Orlando, all the cities they talk about have come across that,” Spanberg said.

Last month, North Carolina state lawmakers argued for the conference to stay in the state.

The state would give the ACC $15 million to lock down their stay in North Carolina for at least 15 years.

“What would that fit look like if Charlotte was chosen?” Young asked.

“I think with the move to Charlotte, assuming all of that happened, you would see more men’s basketball tournaments being played in Charlotte,” Spanberg said.

While relocation is a topic of conversation, so is the future of ACC.

Discussions of conference realignments and competition with larger franchises have many wondering how the ACC will compete for top schools and airtime.

“I think next year is going to decide their fate, whether they go secondary, or worse, or come closer. They’re not going to overtake the Big Ten or CSC, no one does. But can- you take over the conversation? I think that’s the big question and I think Commissioner Jim Phillips will have to figure it out next year. He’s got 15 school presidents telling him, ‘Where are we going?’ Spanberg said.

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