Coast Low moves away from the Atlantic coast on Sunday


A coastal depression is bringing strong winds and waves to the mid-Atlantic coast today and tonight. This is the same low that caused flooding in many of those same areas on Saturday. Here’s a look at the latest forecasts.

Coastal flood warnings are in place for the east coast of Florida and all of the Georgia and South Carolina coastlines. The alerts have also been extended to North Carolina and Virginia. 2 to 4 feet of coastal flooding along the immediate shoreline is possible. This is not because of the rain, but rather strong easterly winds pushing water from the ocean towards the land.

The threat of coastal flooding also extends along the Georgia and Florida coasts.

In addition, strong offshore winds will increase the risk of reverse current. It will be highest along the beaches of the east coast of Florida and Georgia. Check the flags before you get in the water!

Wind advisories continued Sunday for parts of the Carolinas. In the advisory, winds could be between 35 and 45 mph.

This low will slowly pull away from the coast throughout Sunday, but it should still be able to send impacts to areas of the Carolinas and the Florida coast.

Stay with WeatherNation as we keep you posted on the wind and surf the eastern area forecast,: 10 after the hour.

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