Dad walks barefoot on the Atlantic coast to raise money for his daughter’s rare health issue


JACKSONVILLE, NC (WNCT) – Finding hope for Hasti. This is what keeps Father Chris Brannigan alive.

Brannigan walks from Maine to North Carolina without a pair of shoes. That’s all to give her daughter a better life.

“Hasti and I were going for little barefoot walks just half a mile around our house and we really enjoyed them, we were chatting all the time,” Brannigan said. “She has in mind now that this walk will allow me to bring home her new medicine.”

Hasti needs gene therapy. She has CdLS, a rare condition that affects growth, cognition and more. This makes it difficult for the little girl to live a normal life.

“Like all 9-year-old girls, she loves jumping on the trampoline, swimming, ballet lessons,” said the father. “His passion is cooking. She’s always in the kitchen peeling carrots and potatoes and chopping things up. She would really like to be a chef someday.

Time is running out for this treatment as her condition is expected to worsen around the age of 12. The problem is, it costs $ 3.5 million to set up a clinical trial for the disease.

“The thought that we might change his fate is what keeps me going,” Brannigan said. “It’s huge, it’s all I can really think about every day.”

That’s why his father walks 1,200 miles… barefoot!

“Every time someone sees me walking barefoot, they do a double take because it’s so weird and very painful, and the idea is to get people to double-look,” he said. he declared.

Brannigan’s final destination will be Jacksonville at Camp Lejeune. He hopes to finish his trip there at the end of October.

“I served in the British Army for 14 years, thought it would be great to end my people and my military family,” Brannigan said.

He still has over 800 miles to go.

“Every day my feet get a little more sensitive and a little more bruised,” he said. “I just have to keep going. I keep thinking about what Hasti wants and deserves and it keeps me going.

The association has already raised more than a million dollars. Brannigan said that while it seems like a lot of money, they have yet to double that to help her daughter and others like her.

Brannigan said every donation counts. To donate, visit this link.

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