Go play kite! The Atlantic Coast Kite Festival is back in Virginia Beach

Awards are given to the youngest and oldest kites, the biggest kite, the funniest kite and the most unusual kite.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Windy weather Sunday on the Virginia Beach waterfront created the perfect setting for the annual Atlantic Coast Kite Festival.

This weekend marks the 17th annual Atlantic Coast Kite Festival, which returns to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront after a hiatus.

Christopher Stankus is one of the organizers of the big event.

“We skipped a year because of COVID of course,” Stankus said.

Stankus is quite famous in the kite world. He runs his own kite business, and it’s a family affair.

“We did the doves for the opening ceremony of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta,” he said. “We’ve been designing kits for 33 years, and my mom is the one who designs all the kites and started the business.”

Among the onlookers was Virginia Beach TikTok personality Jimmy Speedway.

“I think it’s awesome,” Speedway said. “You have so many kites here – red kits, blue kites, yellow kits, white kites – every different kite you can think of, we have them here today.”

The kite festival is also a free contest. The organizers awarded prizes to people with the funniest kite, the most unusual kite and the biggest kite.

There is also the coveted “Best Kite” award. To earn this, your kite must not only look the best on the beach, but it must also stay in the air.

But this festival is not just for kite experts. There were free lessons for children, kite demonstrations and space for enthusiasts who just wanted to test their new kites in the sky.

“It’s a very relaxed sport, it’s a lot of fun,” Stankus said. “You can go out and relax on the beach. You can meet great people, great journalists!”

People from all over came to Virginia Beach for the festival. A competitor came from as far away as Canada.

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