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PORTSMOUTH, NH — Portsmouth residents may not have seen the president, but they’re hoping the infrastructure money will help them in the right way. City leaders say the president’s appeal for infrastructure funding at the port has already worked with Washington to secure funds to invest in infrastructure at the New Hampshire port. The city says it’s the only deep-water port between Boston and Portland, Maine, and handles two billion dollars in cargo a year.

David Haskell has made Portsmouth his home all his life. He has watched this working port in action for decades. His pitch is for more activities like adding cruise ships. “It would bring more business to Portsmouth, if people came by boat and all that,” Haskell said.

Many locals applaud Washington for setting aside millions in infrastructure funds to invest in the port and ports. “I think it’s important to make it work. I also think it’s important for this region,” said one resident.

Portsmouth Mayor Deaglan McEachern says these types of investments from Washington are a win-win for the country, the region and their community. “When you put money into something, it has to be spent and that’s job creation,” McEachern said.

The mayor says a recent example of improvements is an expansion project at the Port Authority that will help get ships in and out faster. “When you’re able to bring in 10 ships when you could only bring in 8 before, that’s a lot,” McEachern said.

Some people say that investing in these historical areas will help them later. “It’s really cool that Portsmouth has kept a part of itself, so if the infrastructure plan still allows it to be a functional and thriving city and not just a tourist attraction, I think that’s great. “said one woman.

The mayor says expanding the port authority here in the port will help ships get in and out faster and it will solve supply line issues.

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