Seaweed hunting off the Atlantic coast of Ireland


It is still too early to say more or less in the near future Seaweed juice, bars, crisps They will be common on our tables. Agnès Codignola, author of the book The fate of food (Feltrinelli, 2020), speaks of a very diverse universe. “In most parts of the world – explains codignola – seaweed has been used in food since ancient times. There are tens of thousands of species, but we don’t know them fully yet, and we only use a few. They have many advantages because they absorb a lot of CO2 and do not accumulate toxins or microplastics.

Until we see if a well-cultivated algae will save us from starvation – scientists say – we can devote ourselves to an activity that turns into feeding algae in the wild. In any case, it’s like going to collect porcini mushrooms in a forest knowing that somewhere we grow mushrooms in batteries. In Derinen, on the Irish Atlantic coast, one of the most beautiful roads on the island, Ring of Kerry, John Fitzgerald and his wife Kerian have been dealing with algae for over a decade Atlantic Irish seaweed. “On the excursion we call ‘seaweed, a tasty excursion’, although there are over 500 species in Irish waters, we are focusing on 16 common edible species,” says John.

You will learn to walk on the beaches Find, identify and collect Responsible algae. Also, some raw flavors pulled from the rock. “It was the food of the island’s first inhabitants and later Christian monks and Viking invaders,” adds John, passionate about the history of food.

From the ocean to the plate: The magic of seaweed

Courses and recipes for a variety of ingredients as yet unknown in Ireland

To this Irish lover, he was convinced that sea farms would help save the world (“You only need a mirror of the sea, you don’t need land and manure to get nutritious food for you. humans, livestock and pets ”), not just what we are faced with. A good example of pure food is a superfood, Low in fat but rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega 3 and omega. At the end of the tour, you will learn how to use seaweed powder as a condiment in soup or stew. To drink or in an ice cream. Behind the fifth Japanese umami flavor, only to find that there is nothing particularly nigoious other than kelp. When asked what is John’s favorite recipe, we hear sea spaghetti.Himantalia lying down, Also known as sea spaghetti, is a common seaweed rich in health benefits. “The French call it Harricot Vert de la Mer, Haricot Vert, and I like to serve it fresh as a delicious salad.

Relocation from Derinan to Tramore, County Waterford, Mary Power as we know it Sea gardener, Organization of rankings in the south-eastern part of the island. She has a long experience with algae. He also describes the experience he gathered in a book during his regular cooking workshops. So of course there is Beach excursions Marie renamed it “Walk in the jungle”: Here too we learn to recognize edible algae and to respect the environment of the rocks. The walk ends with a beach picnic with beach food.

Another address for those who want to know this awesome activity Wild cooking In Buran. It offers courses, workshops and avenues related to the collection of edible seaweed and wild plants.

a die Most popular restaurants Is to use algae Aitna’s Sea is a Mullagmore, County Sligo, Best Seafood Restaurant on the Wild Atlantic Way, 2,500 km of Coastal Drive. Coming fresh from the port a few meters away, he uses seaweed in his sweet and savory dishes, enjoying seafood, crustaceans and lobsters. In fine weather, you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the arrival and departure of the surfers who have chosen Mullagmore as one of the best destinations in Europe.

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