SELC Statement on FERC Atlantic Coast Pipeline Restoration Order

Press release | March 25, 2022

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission yesterday approved a restoration plan for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline that was canceled in 2020 after years of work by SELC and numerous allies and partners. In response to the announcement, SELC Senior Counsel Greg Buppert released the following statement:

“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) was a risky and unnecessary project that showed how reckless FERC had become in its regulation of the gas industry. Even though the project was canceled, we are disappointed that FERC and the pipeline developers did not give the communities closure with a clear plan to remove the zombie right-of-way easements on private property.

“Canceling the pipeline meant freeing residents of Virginia and North Carolina from the burden of paying for a pipeline they didn’t need, but the CPA isn’t the only threat. Twenty years from now, we may be paying for other already obsolete gas projects that developers are still trying to build, like the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), which is years behind schedule and billions over budget.

“The cost of so-called ‘natural’ gas projects like MVP will continue to rise even as stable, local renewables like wind and solar get cheaper every year. Investing in an obsolete fossil fuel is irresponsible, and we will continue to fight other risky and wasteful gas projects in our region to secure a clean energy future for all of us.

Read more about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline victory here.

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