The brewing storm off the Atlantic coast of the United States could bring heavy rain to the northeast from August 17

A storm developing over the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 miles off the Atlantic coast of the US coast, could likely bring heavy rain and high winds this week starting Wednesday August 17th. The weather forecast is according to AccuWeather meteorologists, who have implied the weather system is similar to a typical winter nor’easter. Potential flash flooding is also possible in low-lying and coastal areas.

The system has been developing closer to the New England coast since Tuesday August 16th. This is based on showers and thunderstorms gathering further west. It was first thought that it might grow too far out into the Atlantic to bring enough downpour to Massachusetts. With the latest updates, the lurking storm will affect both the Canadian and US Atlantic coasts.

In particular, the previously mentioned winter or wet weather hazards may occur in eastern Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and New Brunswick in Canada, depending on the forecast. This means that the accumulation of flood waters is imminent in the event of torrential rain. Localized disruptions associated with travel and power outages are also on the table.

U.S. weather officials are calling the potential persistence of rainfall in the northeast a much-needed break from the heat wave that has hit the region and other parts of the country in recent weeks and months. As the relatively calm spring sets in in September, the threats posed by summer heat are still far from over.

Atlantic Coast Storm

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Parts of Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; and Portland, Maine will fall in the area of ​​heavy rain and gusty winds from the so-called winter coastal storm. According to AccuWeather, consistent rain is possible for sailing in eastern New England and Atlantic Canada.

The track is based on said forecast that the storm is expected to move north through Wednesday, then move northwest into mainland Canada on Thursday, August 18.

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Storm Risks

The weather forecasting company adds that the winds could be strong enough to snap tree limbs and cause power outages in southeastern Massachusetts on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, high atmospheric pressure could also push ocean waters onshore, causing coastal flooding in eastern Massachusetts.

National Drought Summary

From another angle, The Washington Post said on Tuesday that the coastal storm is expected to move away from the northeast coast later this week, citing models that wavered on the potential amount of precipitation that will hit the most populated region of the world. country.

Persistent dry conditions in the northeast have dragged the region into severe drought, where it is not clear that relief will arrive anytime soon, as the US media reported.

The US Drought Monitor released its National Drought Summary report which includes the northeast and highlights extreme drought in eastern Massachusetts, just outside of Cape Cod. In addition, most parts of southern and eastern Rhode Island were affected by extreme weather conditions.

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